Tiger Goalkeeping Academy provides the service of putting on or helping out at clinics and camps! If it is to be put on by our academy, then a typical clinic will last between 1-3 days whereas a camp will last anywhere from 1-5 days. However, if it is a clinic or camp that is already produced and you need a goalkeeper coach staff member, then we schedule around your dates and times. 

While we do produce our own TGA clinics, we also provide clinics of individualized clubs/groups and their specific goalkeepers. Whether the clinic is one or three days our coaching staff will be a specific topic for the clinic and will focus on teaching that particular topic. A regular clinic day will last from 3-5 hours.

We currently do not host any TGA camps throughout the year, so we are more than happy to put on or host a camp at the request of any group or program. A normal camp day can last from 2-4 hours for each day of the week.