Need help constructing your own professional recruitment highlight video to get college coaches attention? Let us help you create your very own custom college recruitment highlight video! Coach Chris has been recruiting goalkeepers at the college level for years and knows exactly what college coaches are looking for, so this 2-4 minute video will be filled with various drills featuring your handling, shot-stopping, reaction, 1v1s, crosses and distribution skills. We will also include raw game footage of you playing in a match that you will provide, or you also have the option of letting us come to games and record. 

You get final say! So, once the video is ready you will let us know if there is anything you want added, fixed, or taken away. We will then post your video on YouTube so that you can have a link to share with coaches making it easier for them to access your video (you also get to keep the footage of your training session with us as well). 

Example College Recruitment Video

nick salinas

2020 College Recruitment Highlight Video (shortened)