Tiger Goalkeeping Academy does provide eight week course group training, but we also provide "private" group training for goalkeepers that are looking to train together on their own time and not in a club setting. These group sessions can be scheduled for as many weeks as necessary.

Usually this service is used by parents that either are not able to make their own club goalkeeper training or our TGA group training because of work schedules, or these are for parents that have a close group of goalkeepers that they want training at the same time at the same level. 

Because this is private group training we will send out one coach, and if the schedule works out, it will be the same TGA coach every time so that players are use to a certain style of coaching and so that both players and coach are familiar with each other.

The costs of this service always depends on the number of goalkeepers that will be attending each session (see prices below):

$120/hr - 2 Goalkeepers ($60/GK)

$150/hr - 3 Goalkeepers ($50/GK)

$160/hr - 4 Goalkeepers ($40/GK)

$175/hr - 5 Goalkeepers ($35/GK)

$200/hr - 6 to 8 Goalkeepers ($25-$33/GK)